Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Sunday, August 21, 2011

                                       Weekend Rest...you've got to be Joking!!!!!!

The weekend arrived but the torrential rain did not go..what to do??

Well Bob had some good ideas but I can't write them all down lol and we live with my Mum so it was all out of the question.

So we decided it was time to do the sauces and jams.I have a friend that is living alone and sometimes her son gives her much heartache,so we called her and asked if she would like to bring her crochet around and sit awhile with us,she was thrilled so it was lovely to chat with the rain beating down and the smell of spices  and sweetness filling the kitchen.

                                                  Tomato sauce and Worster Sauce
                                   My little helper,bless him he stayed inside with us girls,too cold up in the shed!
                                                   Strawberry Jam and Orange Marmalade
                      Of course if you do fresh Strawberry Jam you have to make scones and whip cream .
                                   Then try to 3 ingredient fruit cake...it is nice surprisingly.
 This is my friend Lyn's crochet, she makes amazing rugs,she cannot read patterns but can do whatever she is shown, however this is a pattern she made up( meaning she had not seen it or read it before) however some of you girls may have done it or seen it ,she taught me when we finished cooking and mine is in soft colours.
This was the most unliked job I have done.Bob wears his pants pockets out soooo fast! Lordy knows why his hand are always jiggling coins or whatever lurks in the pockets lol.
There was no way I could put new pockets in the section as it was so thick my machine could not cope,so being a smarty pants he says,"just buy a couple of pairs of jeans at the op shop and sew the back pockets from them on the front" guess what it worked!
So now the test is to see how fast he can mess this up! Great idea Bob,which brings me to say why do they use such flimsy material in mens jeans pockets,and why when I check others at the op shop are theirs still intact and Bobs not? O'h well ours is not to wonder why ours is just to do or die!


  1. Looks like you had a great productive weekend Carole. We have had a lot of rain here the past few days and I'm aching to get out into the garden.
    God bless.

    Melissa xx

  2. lovely post Carole and you have been very busy,i love that you asked your friend over,how nice.

  3. Gosh I am exhausted now just reading that post. You certainly did get some things done! Sounds like you had fun too...

  4. I should have been bottling too, but it's been too darned HOT. Well done Carole; it all looks wonderful.

  5. You had a very productive day!!! How nice having your friend around , sure she would of loved the company.

  6. Just the sort of weekend I love!
    The crochet is beautiful, show us yours too please!

    Have a great week,

    Sandie xx

  7. Carole I can almost savour every thing cooking - you're making me feel hungry - it all looks mouthwatering. That was really kind of you to invite your neighbour down! hope the rain stops soon!

  8. Hello, thank you for visiting my blog. You've had a very productive day. I'd love to have the recipe for your Worcester sauce. Is it easy to make? Please tell Lyn her crochet looks beautiful - she's very clever. I can smell your baking from here.
    I'll definitely pop in again.
    Love from Mum