Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Friday, October 28, 2011

                                                               A Day at Work

Some of the lovely blogs I follow take me on a journey when they walk their dogs or just amble down the beautiful countryside either in UK or France, I can't take you on a walk today but I thought I would take you to work with me.
I have started my little show half way through my mail run as the first half I have blogged about before,also I have not done the water crossings again,but I am showing you some of the nice beings and flowers we encounter each day,just a snippett as I do not want to bore you,so this is my Friday at work this week.

 Even all the way up into the hills these people have a very 'towney" mailbox.

  See the little white dot above the trees just to the right? that is a home I go to that 2 lovely people live  in,they are in their 80's very isolated and I take them their paper etc,they are gorgeous and often come out to say hello.

 This is Mum my 90 almost 91 year old apprentice, she holds the mail box and gets the next stop mail ready, part of my job is to add the shops catalogues to the mail and that's what Joycie is doing here.
 This is a wild dog, the farmers hang them from posts to show that they have caught the animal stealing the little lambs and foals, they put poison out for these dogs or they shoot them whichever way it is a huge problem for the farmer.What happens is that we have a native wild dog called a Dingo which is this colour and lighter sometimes then the young men go out catching wild pigs with Pig Dogs which are aggressive and sometimes they get lost, they then mate with the Dingo and wild dogs become the scavenger of the babies born.This fellow is huge.
 This is a pic of a plane called a "crop duster" we see them all the time, the farms are so big and vast that they are fertilised by plane, it is hair raising as sometimes you feel you could touch them if you reached out,the pilots have to be very good and brave I think.He was swaying in between the light and dark greenery,you can see a misty look,that's the fertilizer.
 This is a shed/home.I am in awe of the lady that lived here,she is on her own with 5 kids,she did not have proper running water and although she has a pump to the house from the river, some nasty person told the council and she is not allowed to live there until that septic tank you can see is attached etc,it is a lot of money for her but with Gods help she will one day be back in there,she lives in another farmhouse up the road and comes and works with her horses and cows everyday, her kids have the best smiles I have ever seen,shiny hair and gorgeous teeth.She is a good Mum.They attend the little local school with 4 pupils, I will take you there one day.
 This is Miss Mary,she says hello she is laying down having a rest,she belongs to the shed  and you would swear she was talking.She has not long calved.
 This is their letterbox....it used to be upon the sticks but the horses kept scratching against it and knocking it over, so the kids built this, isn't it great, I told them this is the best mailbox on my run.
 This farmhouse is on the other side of the river that I cross, I always think this is the absolute typical Aussie farmhouse,windmill and all, I would love to live here.(they are nice people too,in fact all my people are nice lol).
 This is a group of cattle we see each day, they know who we are they stand on the  road and don't care if I am in a rush,we always stop and say hello, this one actually had its head in the car a couple of second before I took the pic.
 This is little Toby,he comes to greet us too,his Mum has the most beautiful roses.
 We are in full swing of foaling season and much of my customers are horse studs so we are blessed with seeing new foals on a day to day basis but I never get tired of seeing them each new one as fascinating as the last.
 Pests to the farmers but here are some wild thistle flowers,no idea what anything is called .

This one is almost like a Hollyhock.
Thanks for sharing my day.For me work is a leveller, I see sad things like dead animals on the road,then a majestic  Wedegetail Eagle will swoop down and as I watch I see him take it to a huge nest high in a tree, life's chain goes on.
I never feel like I do not want to go to work, I do get very tired and getting in and out of the car to open and close gates is not my favourite thing in the summer as we have very hot summers here,I have had to wait for snakes to cross at times,other times I have had to run over them,it makes me sad,but my office is delightful and I would not have it any other way.


  1. thankyou for your tour Carole i found it very interesting,have a great weekend.ox

  2. As you say; what a fabulous 'office'. Oz is such a beautiful country, with still plenty of space to breathe. I'm not surprised that so many Brits end up there!

  3. Wether it is City or Country Seaside or desert, we live in a lovely part of the world, thanks for sharing your part with us, simply stunning , picturesque country.

  4. WOW!That was an amazing tour. Thank you so much for sharing.

    I think your conclusion is very wise about the circle of life.

    Mr Sft liked reading about the wild dog, the snakes (of course) and the aeroplanes.
    I liked the animals, Daisy, the baby foal and Little Toby (who we would like to adopt). I wonder if the last wild flower has the name 'Great Mullion' as it's what we call it. It is very like a Hollyhock.
    I think Mum has competition for her job now, as I want to help too!

    Thank you so much for the lovey post about George. We loved it! More George photos and info please and we'd love a photo of him in his Christmas outfit. We'd print it out and put it next to Billy my 2nd cousin's cockatoo (also living in NSW).

    Sft x

  5. I had a wonderful time coming to work with you Carole, what a lovely tour of your neighbourhood.
    I loved it that your Mum comes to help, she must be an amazing lady and still finding life interesting at 90.
    It was great fun to hear all the stories about your neighbours and customers. I was struck how different your life is from anyone else I know!

  6. Carole thank you for that walk through your day. I loved it.

  7. That was a wonderful tour around the countryside...just great...loved every picture and every word....please do more...I so prefer the countryside to the cities...in fact when we used to holiday in the U.S. we kept to the countryside where possible...having one's own hire car was so good for that. Should also say that when in Aus. last time we did the great coast scenery from Melbourne and then returned to there through the countryside....we came across one farm called 'Castlearchdale' - the folk who lived there probably came from near here called the same but we weren't cheeky enough to visit!!

  8. Hi Carole
    We do indeed live in a beautiful country and the "Country" side in Aus is stunning and savage at the same time. Very sad about the dogs, they are the innocent victims and humans are the careless cause of so much devastation in this world. I love your Mum how wonderful she is and I bet she enjoys the trips with you. Dear little colts and calves everywhere here also, cow's have the most beautifully gentle eyes with a touch of sadness I think.
    Thanks Carole

  9. Oh my goodness, thank you for such a lovely country road tour. Your area of the world is just lovely! I hope the lady and her 5 kids will soon be able to move back 'home'. I love their mailbox.


  10. Hi Carole,

    Thanks for the tour of your community. I enjoyed the treck. It is absolutely lovely where you live and work.

  11. oh this is wonderful, thank you very much. greetings to the hardworking shed lady and little toby and your darling mother. i hope you'll keep posting about your daily round.