Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

                                                Some Favourite Things.

I was reading another blog the other day that I follow and she had a picture of her lovely blue chook,I left a comment saying I was given a white milk glass one a long time ago and she asked me to put up a pic.I think all our bits around the house have a tale to tell, my chook belonged to a friends mother who had bought this chook and 3 flying ducks out from England with her as a young woman.
She developed lung cancer and as my friend cold not cope I was the one that did the yukky bits and just plain sat with Bloss and loved her, she had a love of Scratchies,you know you scatch and win,and i used to have to sneak them to her as her daughter did not approve lol.Anyway she asked me to have these when she left this great earth as she said June would send them to the tip,and they have been here for over 20 years now.They have been a joke between us ever since, from this came a lifetime friendship of June and I and she has now moved up to Queensland to the Gold Coast where retirees with a couple of dollars go bless her she loves it.

 My chook, she sits upon and old meat safe cupboard in the kitchen and we keep keys etc in her,her eyes are like little beads I imagine they are glass.
 Flying ducks, these are quite old ones and are numbered etc,Bloss was sure these were going to the tip lol.They have only left the wall once in 20 odd years for painting.
 This is another special little person.She is an authentic Aboriginal dolly that I got at a garage sale a long time ago,she is dressed as they did long ago her clothing made reeds and shells, the lady told me at the time she bought her up in the Northern Territory so that made me happy and she did not want her children to break her,well 6 kids look at her here and they care for her and she sits upon an old desk,in pride of place.
 She does have a scary face though, I got her because I could show the children what a wonderful history the "true Australians " have,after all this trouble about boat people, we too once were"boat people",these people are the real owners of this wonderful land.
And some of my little jugs, I tell myself there are too many, then I tell myself some girls have too many shoes so what do a few jugs hurt,this is just a few in a little shelf of the kitchen,I love all the old pink Meakin ones and have a collection in each size,come to think of it I love all the colours!The older the better.
I shall show some other old relics as the days go by,no I did not mean pics of Bob and I !!!!lol


  1. Oh I did enjoy a tour around your nick nacks Carole! :-D

  2. great post Carole,got a laugh out of the last sentence,lol.

  3. Your dresser with all the jugs and lace is an absolute delight, and it goes so well with your beautiful house.

  4. I LOVE YOUR WHITE HEN...she is beautiful and no wonder you cherish her..and of course the history of how you were gifted her makes her even more special.

    The ducks on the wall, make me smile, just like they used to have on walls in Northern England many years ago.

    Your doll is part of your country's heritage and needs to be looked after and handed down.

    I love your dresser, the jugs are beautiful. The ones with violets are so delicate and pretty.

    Thanks for sharing. I'm going to post some more favourite things soon.

    Sft x

  5. My 3x or maybe 4x great grandparents were given a 'free' passage to Australia. Her from Dublin Ireland Him from London England. They ended up in Launceston Tasmania where I guess they met each other.
    One day I hope to visit and try and find more of my history - I know from what I've read and seen on TV their life would not have been an easy one.