Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

 Especially for a blogger friend by request.

A new follower has asked me about George who by natures tricks is now Georgie lol,having black eyes for 3 years ,Georgies eyes have changed to a lighter colour telling us he is a she! Georgie will turn 5 this year well now actually ...

He/she is a huge part of our lives, even made the headlines in the city paper ,but to us he is just very special.
I make little suits for Georgie he has them in every colour and Xmas ones..in these we place a piece of baby disposable,this allows Goergie to come to work and not poop all over the mail.Australia Post even officially issued him with a tag that we staff have he in No.1 on his tag that goes on a little harness he wears on the bike as a safety option.

Best friends watering the garden, Georgie loves empty beer cans and plays with them for ages.

Helping in the kitchen..

If you google George the cockatoo Aberdeen(prob have to put Australia after that)...the one that comes up "George puts his stamp on the mail" you will find a great story and pic of Bob and Georgie at work on the bike, for some reason it would not let me bring it across,hope you have enjoyed reading about our extended family .


  1. He's (she's) a cutie. Reminds me of Postman Pat and his cat.

  2. Hi thank you so much for dropping in and saying hi. Thank you for your kind beautiful words. You certainly have a beautiful way with words.
    I totally understand all of what you write & it is so right to.
    I a glad you stopped by & glad to of met you & Georgie. Thank you again x x

  3. Oh Carol what a site ,so cute,lovely post.

  4. Brilliant! Good old Georgie...gosh I'm going to our Women's Institute coffee morning tomorrow and our Georgie is the catering supervisor there...must tell her this story!
    Great photo of your DH with Georgie too.