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Our Home our Haven

Monday, October 17, 2011

                                                  Results of Sewing Day

First of all the home made
                                                Lemon Cordial Recipe

                                              2kg castor Sugar
                                               1 Litre water
                                               6 Large Lemons
                                                30grams Tataric Acid
                                              30grams Citric Acid
Place sugar and water in a saucepan(not aluminium) and over a medium to low heat dissolve the sugar completely,take off the heat stir in both acids and sit to cool.
Juice the lemons and  grate the rind from 2 of them.When mixture is cool(I do this when luke warm as I am impatient ) add the juice and rind stir well and bottle..I have been saving screw top wine bottles and this makes 2 of these and a small drink bottle.
This is so easy.cheap and refreshing,it is not over sweet but lovely and sweet/tart...hope that makes sense I think it would be to your taste Cro.
I read that you can use oranges,lemon and oranges mixed and add passionfruit for a fruit salad taste,I am yet to do these.

Our sewing day was great, Bob was around most of the time,he had all his shed jobs finished before the girls got here as we are early risers.he chatted sometimes,made our lunch which her offered to do and it was lovely,the cake was really nice with hot runny custard.
The girls went home a lot lighter after unloading their problems,Lyn could barely stay awake as she had not had much sleep but she had a lot of laughs,we met many years ago when we worked at the local abbatior,actually we all met there, I had to go when Bob had his breakdown as we had one child just started Uni and one in year 10 not a good time if one had a choice but we lived through it,and it was a culture shock for me,I must write a blog about it one day.
When the works shut down 10 years ago Wendy and I went on to do different work,Lyn not knowing anything else as it was her first and only ever job went to the same type of work at our next town,she is exhausted as it is hard,cold work and a real slog for her, her husband ran off with a younger lady that worked with us too about 12 years ago now and she never got over him...anyhow she is lovely and I love her and I would walk over burning coals for her,if I win Lotto it is her door I will be knocking on,and to top it all off her had a buggar!!! of a son ,one good one and one naughty,a man,daddy of 3 never worked a  day and lives off her grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! makes you wonder why good people have to keep having hard times, I am sure God will bless Lyn abundantly one day.

Anyway here is what I got done on the day, all the hand sewing is being done today at Cackle Club
 These are heat bags and tissue holders to match and the little bags are the lavender draw  bags I do,I was given the lovely fabrics by old Mr Miles a farmer on my run and they were lovely to play with, I will stitch the joins today.
 These are 2 old laces that were in my box, the heavy cotton ones are from the 60's and the lace from Kirsty's wedding box so one each for the girls.
 These ones are the stretch lace the latest fad apparently,yes there is 2 of each one for Lilli and Livvy.
These are the Christmas pyjama shorts ready to be cut to the length they had requested,the boys have the cockatoo ones and the girls the gingerbread ones.I think the boys will love the Georgie ones as they all love Bobs cockatoo.
Well thats what I got done, the girls make fun of me saying i can never make one of anything...I just realised they are right there are another little pile of heat bags not in the pic...O'h dear..must have a disorder of some kind...I know what it is I like giving things away to people so guess thats where many will go...
Have a lovely day and thank you for your lovely comments,like many others we write the blog just because...lol...and think no one will ever find it interesting,so thank you so much..have a blessed day.


  1. lovely post Carole and i enjoyed my visit,have an awesome week.oxo

  2. Always love stopping by your blog :]

  3. Thanks for posting the recipe Carole... I'm a sucker for anything lemony!

    What a life you've lead. Working in an abattoir, I couldn't do that! I'm sure your friends felt better after their visits.

  4. Glad your girls day went well and was productive. I do love the pj shorts.
    lemon cordial is a favourite here too:0)

  5. Need a bit of info re the Lemon Cordial...do you drink it straight or does it need to be diluted? and where do you buy the acids?
    I have two girls too BL...understand the bit about them leaving lighter after "unloading their problems"...LOL!
    Your sewing projects look marvellous...time for me to dig out the old machine!

  6. Have been wondering how you got on with your friends. So glad you shared it with us. You sound like you had a great time, and I agree it's so sad when horrid things happen to the nicest people.

    I would love that cockatoo fabric, any spare for a bookmark or something?I'll send you the postage

    Just mad about birds..as you can tell by the photos on my blog.


    Sft x