Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Saturday, February 12, 2011


                                                          Bags number 2 and 3
On track and pleased with myself,today was showery so I could sew all day and not feel guilty about the garden that Bob just made me and waiting to have the Iris and Agapanthas and Pig face planted.

So Sundays bag,is a fabric I loved,when I saw it in the shop I thought it was very Parisian and so I bought the fabric and then did the embroidering to match..I do not know what you would use this bag for maybe it is a version of a pillow bag anyway girls like I said last blog anyone can have these patterns I am happy to post them off wherever you are,as I make items I am not keeping scraps or anything as I am decluttering lol..

I have never used orange colours before as I am a shabby chic taste and it was a nice change.

As you can see by the back the fabric is lovely,if Karen from Tilly Rose reads this I did save the little off cuts of this fabric as I thought one day you might like it.

This is Mondays bag, my gorgeous friend margy had a birthday over the weekend so i am taking her to afternoon tea tomorrow, so therefor had to make Mondays bag today so that I do not slip behind.

It is a little long narrow bag made me think it would be a nice Bible bag or just a slip down the street and hold the phone,wallett and sunnies.

Well I have to get going we are being given 2 Guinea Fowls the catch is just that we have to catch them,lol alos have to get my Tuesday bag making items ready,can't slip behind now I am on a roll!! It certainly helps that I have all the embroidering done.
Have a beautiful day full of smiles and wonderous things.


  1. Wow beautiful bags... LOVE the material you use in all of them.


  2. Carole - I have had a bit of experience way back for trying to catch Guinea fowl. When you're trying to get them in at night they have this endearing habit of flying up to the highest branches they can find! Glad you've taken time out to do all that lovely craft you do.

  3. Thanks girls,got the uinea fowls ok Molly, Bob was the brave hunter who crept into the roost where they were, we waited till 7.30 and they came so quietly ocatch the other three to go to another home lol,we clipped a wing on them as we are afraid they will fly over the fence to the bassett Hounds! one we will call Peg as she has a limp and the other Ida,hope our girls like them in the chookhouse all was quiet last night daybreak could be another story!

  4. goah i meassed some letters etc 5am must be too early for me lol G is missing after so quietly our friends got Bob to ........think that is right now lol

  5. The bags are so pretty,do you sell them on etsy? Good luck with the birds. Blessings jane

  6. Two more lovely bags and the materials are so pretty.

  7. So pretty Carole! You have been very busy.
    Thankyou for calling the other day. Warwick took me away to Mt Seaview (near pt macquarie) to rest for the weekend.
    Feeling much better.