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Our Home our Haven

Monday, February 28, 2011

  Offline but not Lazing Around!

Last week we had internet link up problems for almost the entire week and then a wonderful surprise visit fro our son and his lovely family and their puppy Clyde who just happens to be the brother of our Molly so it was full on,
Even though I could not blog much I kept my little fingers busy and here are the finished products so far,I have kept to the one a day thing except when the children were here,just one to go now!

This little one is a cutie,the pics are not very clear this time around.

This is more like a pouch type bag, the clasp at the back is actually a shuttle shape and you attach your scissors to it,great to take that litle project with you when you are travelling.

This one is crazy aptch style and is an envelope,nice for someone to put hankies in or that something special.

This one is a cup bag, small and sweet,the handles are done with packing tape ,it is so easy yet effective,I am not thrilled with my finishing of this one,I think I would fiddle with it more next time as the edges are bound like a quilt and as it is only coffee cup size it is difficult to handle,however it is nice.

This one is really nice ,quite a good size,mind you these are all quite dainty projects and great for those scraps we have.

These are my favourite things that I did this week,the tiny bag at the back even had the squared bottom and it holds your thimble and is fully linned! the scissor holder is quick and easy and was supposed to have an embroidery on the front of it of sissors but I wanted to use my cottage on the needle holder so chose just to use fabric, and the needle holder,the fabric on the front is the same as the back of the scissor holder next time I would reverse it and have the same on all the fronts but in my usual style went like a bull at a gate and changed my mind after I had finished too late!!!it is the sweetest set.

This one I did not like the fabric when the kit arrived and the lady forgot to put the pattern in!!! so I made it up,it ended up a nice bag and the embroidery was nice to do,I even tried put a fancy stitch on my machine which after 2 years I had not done and added a few suffolk puffs.
At Christmas I made all the grandchildren a pillow bag but just could not get enough time to do the adult kids one,my daughter in law in a guide leader and takes the girls to many camps and asked while she was here if I had time could I do her one,I already had them cut out,she has a camp this weekend and lives 2 hours away, and I said I would try for her next camp.To surprise her I got it done last night and I will post it today, she should get it tomorrow or Thursday,I hope she likes it.

Well just one little bag to make now and I still have a month before the Quilt fair where my job was to do a small items display so that ladies would be encouraged to start small and work up to the quilting,I hope they get inspired.I am less stressed now these are almost done and my UFO pile is now very small,not sure for how lolng lol.Remember if you want a pattern let me know and it is yours I have one to send but wanted to wait till Sandy sees the little set to see if she would like that one too.I can copy them if any 2 people want the same one.
Have a lovely day if you are cold and huddled with a nice warm coffee,we would love some of that cool,still getting 39c and we had huge storms last night, thinking they would bring the cool...no!!! it is hot and humid and was 5am when I started theis blog.
Have a beautiful day, be grateful for something in your life no matter how small,I am going to be grateful for my old grumblebum today,he is tired and hot and grumpy but I love him anyway,simply because he puts up with me.


  1. Hi Carole
    I love your pink crazy patchwork envelope and love the idea of a pillow bag. What abusy girl you've been!
    Karen x x x

  2. Wow you have been busy... LOVE all of your projects... just beautiful


  3. Havent you worked hard! They are all so pretty and will be an inspiration.

  4. More great projects and they are all pretty.
    Yes the heat today is not going to be good but hope nthe southerly change they forecast comes early :0)
    We didn't get the storm last night it rumbled around us.
    Stay cool today if possible

  5. Your projects are beautiful, and varied..well done. I do love the crinoline lady embroidery, my nana had doilies with crinoline ladies and her best dinner set is a HK Tunstall crinoline lady set...just beautiful..I have her doilies which I use...
    I am thankful for a cool day today, I have been to the garden shop, bought up big on seedlings and will now go out with my two year old shadow and do some planting..x

  6. Hello girls...all the projects nearly all done,i will never let the UOF's get away on me so badly....I love the crinolin ladies the best,i collect little pieces of china and you would love the to see the CAckle Cllub girls projects they are doing at the moment as they are all doind pillowcases with Crinolin ladies on them..just lovely.

  7. What delightful work Carole, I adore he crazy patchwork, I certainly would not hide that in a drawer!