Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Saturday, February 5, 2011

                                  Honesty ,Truthfulness,......or is it just the right thing to do!

O'hhhhhhhhh life shoots all sorts of little quandries our way. I have spoken before of how I am the co ordinator of our little towns op shop.It is fully voluntary,me as well as all the staff,,we all just give our time freely as we see all the good the money does for our town.This is a big responsibility,I do rosters all that sort of thing,I am not blowing my trumpet,I love doing it and someone has to.
Because of my position and my job as the mail lady I see people all the time that give me things for the shop,I take them up and we sort them, price them and put them out for sale.If it is something I love I then buy it,I never price it myself and if someone else gets a vintage item first I am just as happy for them.
Then we have days like yesterday...a lady asked us to pick up an old wooden box that she had not opened for years and it was to contain odd cups and saucers,plates etc, you know rubbish is how she described it.
To be honest it nearly all was but for some lovely little English china bits and bobs,then when I got to the bottom of the box in newspaper was a bowl.I knew instantly it was something different,came on to the internet and looked it up.
taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! it was this.

It is a 10" Carnival Glass bowl,Marigold in colour valuation was between $1,000 and $1,700 aussie dollars.

When Betty gave me the box she said don't care what you do with this stuff..."stuff!!!" stuff!! of course it was all rubbish to her...or was it.
I knew what my heart was saying and what was the right thing to do...I did know that....
I had a meeting in the afternoon with the Treasurer of our little group, showed her the plate,showed her the internet item,told her I felt very strongly I should go back to the lady and have a chat see if she did intend to throw it out..My friends opinion was that really it was given so we should be thankful.
I toyed all night with knowing what was the right thing to do, knowing we could buy some bus seats, knowing I had been bought up in such a way that I should not have even had doubts as to what to do.
This morning I awoke,did my jobs got a sun hat on and walked around the corner and up the road to Betty's home,I explained why I was there and unwrapped the dish,she was so excited as it had been her Mums and she had forgotten it was in the old wooden box.I instantly knew I had done the right thing.
These people have just sold their home to move,the man of the house is going into a nursing home and Betty has to downsize,I just feel so relieved that I took that walk,it made their day.
Today I am  very ,very ashamed of myself, I am a child of God, I live life in the most honest and generous way I know how,however for a short time I considered keeping that bowl for the shop,(never for myself it is not my thing),how can I profess to be a good Christian and yet did not instantly take that walk.. does it mean we all have that little bit of the old Devil lurking trying to get us to do wrong? I do not know the answer to that, I just know I am not proud of myself.My first instinct should have been to run around to their house yesterday but it took me almost 24 hours to make up my mind.
Well that is just something I have to live with, I am sure we have all been in that position from time to time,I know if it happens again there will be no hesitation for the feeling of "rightness" today is so much more comfy that the indecision of yesterday.


  1. You did the right thing Carole and don't beat yourself up. She might as easily said she didn't want it and for you to keep it for the shop. I think we all have someting like this happen, I think just to keep us honest:0)

  2. Certainly with something as valuable as this plate, you did the right thing. The next time it happens, perhaps the person will tell you to keep it... who knows!

  3. It sounds as if it was more of sentimental value to Betty, than monetary value.
    It was lucky that you recognised its worth, as had it been a small sentimental item of no worth, it would now have been gone from her life forever.
    A lesson here to be careful what we throw out.
    I'm glad you did the right thing. I would have done the same. :)

  4. You are the most generous person I know Carole. Don't beat yourself up over this. In the end you did the right thing. Anyway if she didn't want it, it would of made money for the shop which in turn goes back into the community. Some people just don't know what treasures lurk in their cupboards.
    God bless.

  5. You are being too hard on yourself Carole, sometimes it takes a while to work things out and whatever happens it is always "for the best". You never once thought about yourself you thought about others and how they would benefit...you are a beautiful person for that. Another of lifes little lessons and mysteries.
    Keep up the good work hun, you are one in a million!
    Deb x

  6. Carole I absolutely agree with everything everyone else has already said. You did the right thing even to having the meeting with the Treasurer. Like FK said - you are one in a million!

  7. Carole,
    Thank you for sharing this testimony. I am sure it will be a wonderful encouragment to others.