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Our Home our Haven

Wednesday, February 9, 2011



                                           Mobile phones and Text messages.

I am not a lover of the mobile phone,I am not old fashioned I don't think,I just miss the days when you could walk down the street and everyone smiled at one another,country or city alike.

Now absolutely everywhere you look people have the mobile in their hand or walking head down chatting away like there is no tomorrow.Beacause of my work I have to have mine with me all the time for safety reasons,breakdowns etc,and I am the contact number for the charity shop,but is in my bag,not attached to my hand and if I loose it I do not go into an anxiety attack.

So many times I have been almost run off the road and actually have been run off the road on my bush run as the drivers of the other cars are racing to work and talking on the phone at the same time and driving on my side of the road,very scary on very narrow winding roads!

The upside is the convience of the mobile, Bobs is hooked up to Mums Vital call machine so that if we are not in the house and she has a fall she presses the button,which in turn gets her help and that also call Bobs phone,as he is a postie in our small town he is only ever a few streets away.

However there are times I love the phone,when the little message sound goes off and my travelling family has arrived safe at their destination,a quick message from my daughter who works shifts saying she loves us all and was just thinking of us,times when the grandchildren are at an event and the family sends a pic of the "moment" of excitement,or just plain gorgeous things like bellow.Sorry you have to put your head on the side lol and the quality is not great, but when William went home from his last little holiday he called to say he missed me and then sent this little message for me.I do not know what I did but it saved twice and i could not remove it.
                                        I have to say at moments like this I love my phone!

Blessed are the little children as they give us a reason to live.They love us unconditionally just as does our Heavenly Father,so I feel very loved when sweet William serenades me.Just thank the Lord he did not sing his favourite from Meatlaof "A Bat out of Hell" you could take that title many ways lol.xx


  1. Aw bless little William! I could play that over and over again. Gorgeous!

  2. Aww that is so cute and he did pick the correct song to sing, not meatlaof:0)

  3. In pre-mobile days, when did you ever see a queue outside a public phone box? Never!

  4. I have never understood the love affair with the cell phone, though I do understand it's usefulness. Blessings jane