Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

                                                             Coopers family

Janet and Flloyd, sorry not an attractive shot Janet but wanted the folks to see gorgeous Flloyd, I do not have a pic of Cooper but no one could tell them apart other than Mum(Janet)I used to have to wait for certain behaviours so I could tell them,such as this one was the cranky one lol.
 As you read in my last blog Cooper passed away while having surgery for an obstructed bowl,and died under the operation.His family is distraught as it was so unexpected, they have told the family that it is from cooked bones,they have never ever been given cooked bones so it is a mystery,we will never know how he got them.
He came to be Janets and George's pet because their son owned them and the lease ran out on his flat and he could not find anywhere to live that he could have them,so they came to live with his parents.
These were bred for show dogs but unfortunately had a few mental probs,mostly from inter breeding I think, but with medication they became wonderful pets.
Cooper was the nicest nature although they were both magnificent dogs.
We have little wire fences in our street so you can actually see each others gardens and it is like one huge long yard,which meant that we all see each others pets and love them as our own.
Cooper and Flloyd always talk to us through the fence and Molly just loves them.

Flloyd waiting at the gate for us to come over for a pat.
We will miss Cooper dreadfully, their night homes are very near our chicken pen and when I would put the chickens out of a morning it was really funny walking by and hearing them dreaming and snoring.Today it was so quiet so obviously it was Coop that snored.
Flloyd looks so mournful today but at the same time seems to be liking not having to vie for attention.George dug a grave today, Bob will take Janet to collect Coopers body tomorrow and bring him home to be laid at rest in the garden.
Rest in peace Cooper and peace to you ,only 3 years old not old for a dog.The sad thing is they had 4 dogs and the old one is a little scruffy bitsa and she has just been given a few months to live,Janet said that will be easier to deal with as they expect it, not so with Coop,but I think they will be just as devistated as Josie is 13 years old.

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  1. That's so sad Carole. It's awful to lose a pet. I can't even imagine Bella not being with us. I wonder how he got the cooked bones?