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Our Home our Haven

Friday, February 11, 2011

Saturday Catch up and Creative Bock

I have had a creative block for some time now, I think it is tiredness and busy times in the latter part of last year and the beginning of this year,also the sickness of Steve and Lilli made life a little bit tardy.
It is now 5 years since Bob and I have had more than 3 days off in a row,as we work for ourselves it is not finacially possible to pay someone while we have a break..however we knew this when we took on the mail contract and we have 4 more years to go before we can have a holiday!Add to this having Mum full time, although she is no problem at all it is sometimes overwhelming and I would not have it any other way.Crafting has had to come last as the garden is always in demand and so this Saturday I promised me I was going to sew.
I have been collecting little bits and bobs from Ella and Skysi an Australian designer of all things crafy for over 12 months therefore I have 12 projects waiting to be done,they all have embroidery on them so I have done the embroidery each month not the actually putting together though.A darling friend of mine demanded she take 4 to do for me and although I am so grateful I will  feel they are not my work,they are my embroidery though.
So ta dahhhhhhhhhh here is the first one finished, I think if i try to do one each day and get them done after work I will feel very happy.

This is a little bag for sewing things,it has 6 little pockets on the inside,as you can see it has a gathered gussett,and is lined with a lilac gingham.The embroidery is of course a crinolin lady I love all things with them,I collect china with these lovely ladies on them. 

This is the inside with gingham lining but the pockets are from the main fabric.

This bag kit came with little wooden handles,I came to the part where the handles were to be attached and the instructions said,"folk art or varnish handles"! what!!! I am almost finished lol so buggar that(pardon me) I made fabric handkles with the scraps and a little tie as well as the bag flops open...I guess one should read the entire pattern before starting lol anyway I like the fabric handles.

So there we are first project done, I will do another tomorrow, I want to get them all done ready for our Quilt show in April, to show people that small items are enjoyable to make too. Last year I entered 5 quilts and exhausted myself stressing out getting them finished so this year I am in charge of the little things.
The transfer in this little kit is good enough for one more project and I will not be making these items again after I do them,I am only too happy to give them away.So as I do them the first person that requests the patterns may have them,with this one I will send the little handles as well.
Blogging is about sharing ,we share stories and our lives so why not share our goodies.
Bless you all and have a lovley weekend.
P.S. the creative juices are flowing,shame I have to stop and cook,life would be great if everyone was not hungry lol.


  1. That is a very pretty bag abd yes your creative juices are flowing again.

  2. I vote that you and Bob take a short holiday together..... soon!

    Sometime, I'd love your recipe for 'worster sauce'. Does it taste like Lee & Perrin's?

  3. Even better Cro...not hard to make and you will never buy it again!!!

  4. Carole I'm glad that your taking a little bit of time out for yourself. That little craft bag you've made is gorgeous. I agree with Cro - a short holiday for just you and Bob would do you both the world of good! I'm a great one to talk - we haven't been away for six years!