Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Sunday, February 20, 2011

                                                 Refreshed,Revatilised and Recycled.

Our anniversary weekend was lovely and the break away although short was really good for us,we feel refreshed, revitalised and our old love yes, recycled,it just needed a nudge lol.Where we stayed was very luxurious,we had an ocean view room and it was lovely to drift off with the balcony door open to the sound of the sea, one of my fav sounds,our dinner table was also the one closest to the sea and the food devine.
We visited the places we had been wanting to see and just had a really good time.We did go to the movies at the Golden theatre room, cost an arm and a leg to sit in recliners and be waited upon throughout the movie,you could have a beer, coffee, cake or whatever.We saw True Grit,I thought Bob would enjoy that better,getting him to the movies was stretch enough I did not want to push my luck.
An update on Lilli is that she is not 100% but not sick either, the doctor said it would be 12 months before she is really good although she is having a lot og heartburn again so Kirsty is taking her back this week,we are afraid of something not quite right.
Ruth, my daughters MIL has finished radiation, we called and had some time with her yesterday, I am so proud of kate as she showers Ruth and does everything for her and Ruth is so grateful, they never really liked one another but Ruths children have walked away from the work and Kate is it.Our girl works at aCancer  hospital here and gives Ruth such loving care,I hope that her journey for the end of her time is not too tough,she is loosing her hair now and it is a struggle everyday to get up,but it is worth it even for a couple of hours,the children make her smile and thats lovely.
Thank you to all who wished us well,for our anniversary.
I have to leave you with a funny little tale.Bob is all his wisdom gave me a "love bite",hickey whatever you may call it.. I always thought they were disgusting ,I almost fainted when I looked in the mirror, he honestly did not notice he said! how emabarassing 62 and going for breakfast with that!!!! so in my wisdom I put a band aid on my mark..so that draws attention doesn't it!...when we got to my daughters,she asked whats on your neck Mum..noooo don't tell me ...I could have crawled in a hole ..his majesty just grinning in the background...little William askes"Grammy whats wrong with your neck"O'h I said Pa Pa bit me.."O'h was it a contest,the one that bit the hardest won" no sweetie  I said it was really like a hard kiss not actually a bite "God help me please"...well Williams face told the story he was going to have a biting,wrestle competition with his sister and brother...thank goodnesss Ruth then came out and asked whats that on your neck.."o'h dont tell me" she says  I'm too old to think those things"..I have never been so embarassed in all my life...and Bob still just grinning..I always though he did not smile much obviously he has a very sick sense of humour...I never ever had one in all my married life and had to wait 41 years! I hope its anther 41 before that happens again.


  1. Dearest Carole. How's the hickey???
    That is so funny! It's actually something warwick would do!
    I hope you get some positive news about Lilli.
    Glad you had a great weekend.
    God bless.

  2. Your week end sounded wonderful Carole and so well deserved. You made me laugh too about the hickey! All the best to Lilli and Kate and Ruth too!

  3. hehehe sounds like a fun weekend

  4. Everyone now knows how much fun you did have :0)

  5. I have just found your blog.......and I'm still laughing!! Glad to hear you enjoyed your anniversary!