Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Sunday, October 9, 2011

                                                 A New Week and Missing Livvy.

Livvy has gone home and school is back in swing.We miss her very much she is delightful to have around,no trouble at all.
While she was here we did these few little things.

 We stitched little crochet flowers onto her lovely cotton cardi that we got at the local op shop,never been worn and beautiful quality.
 Decorated headbands for Livvy and we had to make some for Lilli at the same time.These have suffolk puffs and buttons from my stash.
 These ones Livvy just wanted to do bright buttons.
These have lace on them from the box of laces from Lilli's Mums wedding box leftovers.We are going to make some that just have lace so that will be my job as my apprentice has gone home.

Two years ago I completed Lilli's quilt for when she is grown up as they need to be a bit older to appreciate all the work, and I was afraid I would not be able to do all the embroidery by the time the girls are 18...so I did Lilli's as it came as a block of the month,with Livvy's I got all behind so I sewed the quilt together last year and now I have started the embroidery(on the caravan trip) so it will take a while but I will get there.This is where I am up to.

 This is a quilt from Leanne Beasley about the quilters journey,I am changing the sayings to some simple psalms and life's sayings,Olivia wanted me to have Peace and Love in one square,so I obeyed lol.

 We saw this lovely Echidna on our mail run on Friday we were so excited that Livvy and Mum could sit and watch him eat ants, this is an adult one,last time we saw babies.

So we are back to three in the house, Molly is missing Olivia terrible as are we no little voice singing Doris  Day in the background,no little giggle and a voice saying "I love you Grammy" so it is back to phone messages and memories galore until next time when a little one comes to stay.I am looking forward to the 30th October and we will all meet halfway for a family day..lots of fun ahead.


  1. what a lovely post Carole,the 30th will come quickly around.

  2. I like your Echidna. We have hedgehogs here; I imagine they're quite similar!

  3. It is such fun doing things with a grandaughter....and she will always remember those times.

  4. Your little Livvy sounds an absolute joy. Doesn't it feel so empty when they go back home.
    She will treasure the quilt you are making for her forever

  5. What special times you have shared and memories to treasure.

    The quilt idea is fantastic, Wish I was that clever.

    Love your Echidna too!

    Sft x

  6. What a wonderful time you had with your lovely Granddaughter and those memories will last a lifetime for you and her.
    I do love your quilt.

  7. Beautiful post Carole, I love all of your creations, so sorry I missed your visit to Willow Tree I would loved to have met you, I hope it was a pleasant visit for you and your group, hope to meet you one day.